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36830 Auburn , AL

Above Ground Pools






Benefits Include:

Sturdy 7-inch top rail

Rugged steel construction

Integrates wall with the pool frame

Stainless steel hardware

Corrosion free design increases durability

High-impact, super-structural strength

Graceful design

Engineered for strength

Color coordinated to complement pool walls

Hot-dipped, galvanized steel

Bonded and coated for greatest strength

Weather-cote protects components

Exclusive “Mystic Palm” finish

Dual fusion coating for added protection

Integrates with pool frame

Resin Top Cap

51/2-inch Wide Uprights

High-quality Steel Coatings

Oversize Corrosion-free Foundation

Designer Pool Wall



Evolution CLX


Benefits Include:

Giant 9-inch Top Rail

Torsion rigidity built in with the embossed curve

High-quality Coatings

Bonded and Plastisol coated for life-long resistance

Completely integrated parts for seamless super strength

Strengthening curved design give impact-resistant strength

Stylish pool wall finish with an asymmetrical design

Unique design adds elegance and strength to the pool structure

Uses less backyard space

Both efficient and aesthetically pleasing

Standard with the Evolution

Offers superior skimming, resulting in a much cleaner pool

Seamless Structure

Super-strength Emboss Curve

Elegant Design

‘Curve’ advantage

Buttress-Free Oval System

Wide Mouth Skimmer




Matrix 54


Benefits Include:

6" Resin top ledge

6" Resin Uprights

Yardmore Buttress Free Support System on Ovals

Salt Water Compatible

Oversized Corrosion-Free Foundation System

Corrosion Protection on Pool Wall

Snap-In, No Hardware Construction for Entire Frame

Injection Molded Frame Creates Precision Fits of all Components






Ponderosa GLX


Benefits Include:

Sturdy 6-inch top rail

Wider top rail increases pool stability

Rigid cross-steel top rail

Exclusive design for superior structural strength

High-impact, super-structural strength

Shorter span between uprights

Reduced pressure on structure, creates stronger pool

Hot-dipped, galvanized steel

Bonded and coated for greatest strength

Distinctive “Granada LX” design

Resin Top Cap

More Uprights

High-quality Steel Coatings

Designer Pool Wall

Perfectly complements any backyard decor