Looking to upgrade your exisiting backyard pool and landscape?

We promise to provide quality work, strong customer service, and the full breadth of our experience.

Chandler Pool offers swimming pool remodeling that will fit into any backyard landscape. Choose from traditional shapes or free-form designs, and let us help you create a unique place for your family and friends. We also offer many special options you can add to enhance your poolscape, including water features, spa spillovers, lighting options and more! We can help you design a project that is as complex or simple as your vision, the site, and your budget will warrant.

We know that a swimming pool is a lot of work, but owning one is worth the attention. If you’re tired of handling messy chemicals and guessing about what to add to your pool or spa, let us take care of all the maintenance details for you. We are a full-service company with your best interests in mind. We can clean, perform chemical service, and open and close pools, making the demands of pool ownership easier and allowing you to spend more time enjoying your investment.

Our service team is fast, efficient, and on time so you never miss an important maintenance task. We provide year round pool care to make your life easier.

Call us to schedule an appointment today, and see what Chandler Pool can do for your backyard!